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Show your OroxKimi Love.

It's so hard to find anything of this lovely couple. So, so, SO underappreciated. So this is the intro post. xD OroKimi, I find, is a very obvious but more dark couple that's not acknowledged enough. Probably because it's a specific taste.

I'm a lurker almost everywhere, but I'm stepping out and making this community, hopefully it will stay a bit active. I love OroKimi, it's one of my favorite couples I've ever run across, the feeling of it just compells me. ^^

Anyway, enough with the deep talk; Let's give em a little love here. xD

Feel free to join, I won't bite.

PS: This is both a discussion and share community. ^^ You can talk about OroxKimi, of course, and you can also post your stories and art here. Cause we all wanna see fan creations of the two. ;)
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