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Some Fanfic...Enjoy!

Title:  Chosen
Author:  pencilkitty
Genre:  Angst/gen
Pairing:  OroKimi
Rating:  T
Summary:  Kimimaro wants to be chosen. Orochimaru asks for a little more.

Clutching the mission report tighter in his hands, Kimimaro made his way down the dark hallway to his master's chambers. The candlelights flickered eerily as he walked by, but were a strange comfort to the elite fighter. This was his favourite part of the day- when he could spend some time with Orochimaru one to one. 

Walking into the cold, barren chamber, his eyes quickly searched the room for Orochimaru, but finding it empty, Kimimaro felt a slight twinge of disappointment. He softly walked into the room and noted each detail - the rusted candlesticks on the walls, the stone floor with dark, heavy skins covering the centre, and in the far corner, the large padlocked chest and the shelf above it. His pale green eyes were drawn to this shelf, as they always were, and he absentmindedly walked over to look at it. There were all sorts of fascinating things on this shelf- glowing bottles of mysterious substances, a skull, and best of all- the beautiful gold ring resting delicately on what looked like a hand sculpture, although the sound nin had a suspicion it was an actual hand.

Although he would never dream of taking his masters ring off its resting place to look at it, Kimimaro loved to look at its shiny surface and captivating colour. He stared at the ring for a few moments in fascination, and before he realized what he was doing, his hand had reached out to touch the surface. 

A low chuckle brought him out of his trance. "Does my ring fascinate you so much, Kimimaro?"

With shaking fingers, Kimimaro let go of the ring, spun around to find Orochimaru standing quietly beside him. How had he not noticed his presence?  The nin quickly lowered his head in shame. He hated to be caught off guard doing something that Orochimaru might not approve off. Keeping his eyes down, he spoke in a low, apologetic voice. " Forgive me, Orochimaru-sama, I only meant to-"

"You find this ring beautiful, don't you." Orochimaru's velvet voice sent shivers down Kimimaro's spine. It was unnerving how his weaknesses only showed themselves around his master. Orochimaru was the only one who could bring about any response or feeling to him, and because he spent most of his days in an almost numb, controlled state, the sensations aroused in his body only felt all the more potent. 

Kimimaro could not bring himself to look at his master. "Oro....Orochimaru, I'm sorry."

He forced back a gasp as Orochimaru's fingers gently pressed against his lips. "You have nothing to apologize for..."He observed his subordinate as he subtly attempted to calm his body down. Nothing pleased the Sound leader more than watching his prized fighter, usually so calm, controlled, and emotionless, become exposed at the seams at his touch. He considered this a special gift- after all, Kimimaro was special- a perfect, obedient subordinate, unlike any other he had under his control. 

Kimimaro looked up at Orochimaru, and a slight hint of smile painted his lips. " I...I do. I think it's ...perfect. " It was amusing to hear this nin of few words try to express his feelings. Orochimaru moved his finger from Kimimaro's lips to gently brush his snow white hair off of his face, bringing a little blush to the nin's cheeks. 

Kimimaro's heart soared at these affectionate touches. He could never express his feelings for Orochimaru, they were simply an unspoken constant in his life. He wished to do anything for him..anything. Orochimaru was the only person who made him feel alive. Worthy. He wanted, more than anything, to give his master every piece of himself. He tried to make himself as available as possible, to let him know in as many unspoken ways as possible that he was willing to prove his devotion. 

But Orochimaru never asked it of him. Even when Kimimaro thought he was almost screaming it through his eyes, Orochimaru would always tantalize him with the affectionate touch of a master to his subordinate and leave it at that. Kimimaro knew that Orochimaru was not a stranger to the ways of the flesh, and that some of the prisoners or lower subordinates ended up in his private quarters on a regular basis. And although Kimimaro never showed any emotion to it, inside his body ached with jealousy. Though Orochimaru refered to him alone as his "special" one, choosing him for a cursed seal, as a leader for his best group of subordinates, and even giving him the honour of being on his right side by Kabuto, he never asked this of him. Kimimaro wasn't even entirely clear what all the details of "it" was, but he thought he had the gist of it. He just had no idea how to get to it, had no idea what he was doing wrong. He completed every mission with perfection, hoping to come back to Orochimaru and be the one to satisfy him. But the response was the same every time . Orochimaru was pleased, he was content with Kimimaro, and he desired nothing else of him. 

"I know you think it's perfect", Orochimaru said softly, lifting Kimimaro's face ever so slightly to look directly into his eyes. "It is, like my best fighter..." His smile widened as Kimimaro's eyes shifted downwards in pleasure.  When he looked up again at Orochimaru, the smile had turned into a smug, curious expression. The Sound leader stroked the young man's hair almost absentmindedly. Without warning, his hands trailed from Kimimaro's hair to his neck, and  ticked the fine hairs in the back. His fingers gently caressed the smooth crevaces. 

Kimimaro stayed perfectly still, as though one move might ruin such a tender moment. His body almost danced with anticipation at these unusual touches, and he silently prayed that they would continue. 

Orochimaru's eyes did not seem surprised, but his expression became even more curious. He let his fingers travel down the back of Kimimaro's neck, gently caressing his shoulders. He felt a slight jolt go through the younger nin's body, but observed with amusement that his expression did not change, and those pale eyes were trying hard to mask their excitement. He was attempting to keep his composure. Orochimaru placed his other hand on Kimimaro's stomach and gently touched every crevasse, outlining his ribs and squeezing his hips.

The stimulation to untouched places on his body were making Kimimaro's head spin with pleasure. He forced a small moan back down his throat, and his mind felt hot and flustered. The only thing he knew at the moment was that these touches were new and intimate and he desperately wanted them to continue. It was becoming difficult to keep his body still, as it seemed to want to move with Orochimaru's soft touches. He wanted more movements, harder, faster, anything. 

Orochimaru observed Kimimaro's composure ebb away with every touch, and his eyes were started to gloss over. This fascinated him. He spoke gently into Kimimaro's ear. "Is there something you want, Kimimaro?"

Kimimaro barely understood the words spoken, just felt that velvet smoothness in his ears. Blood pounding in his head, he bit his lip slightly. He wanted....wanted something. He looked almost hungrily into Orochimaru's eyes and found himself staring into curious, amused eyes... and something felt missing. Without realizing it, he frowned a little. Those golden eyes had a teasing look to them. He wanted to see those eyes staring hungrily at him, he wanted them to demand more out of him...not make fun of him. 

 "I...I want to...." It was just so hard to think. "I want to make you happy, Orochimaru-sama. to give you what...what you want. Anything you want. " He paused hopefully. 

Orochimaru laughed softly. He abruptly stopped caressing Kimimaro's skin, and removed his hands. 

"You are enough like this. I demand nothing further from you. Is that your mission report?"

Kimimaro started at him, almost dumbly, his body wailing at the sudden absence of touch. What had he done wrong? Had he angered Orochimaru? With a sinking feeling, he searched Orochimaru's eyes. Was he angry? There was no flash of anger in them. 

"Orochimaru-sama, I'm sorry. Have I- have I upset you?" 

Orochimaru looked steadily at his subordinate. "Why would you think that? You couldn't possibly upset me.  " He glanced pointedly at the document forgotten in the nins hand. 

Kimimaro managed to stagger out of the shock of so sudden a change in atmosphere and, with one last, almost pleading look at Orochimaru, he willed his hand to give the document to Orochimaru. And somehow he could not shut off his body, which was screaming for more attention. 

"Thank you. Good night, Kimimaro. "Orochimaru waited for a small moment for Kimimaro to respond, but Kimimaro looked bewildered and devastated. He turned his back to Kimimaro and opened the document. 

Kimimaro stood there another minute longer, hoping for some explanation. But eventually, he realized that their meeting was over. "Goodnight, Orochimaru", he forced out, although his voice sounded shaky. As he walked to the doorway, tears of frustration began to well up in his eyes, and a feeling of jealousy overcame his body. The feeling became stronger ang stronger. Why? Why did his master not ask this of him? Why did he not want him? Why wouldn't he let him have this honour?

The feeling threatened to choke him. He did everything for him, wanted to be everything for him. And Orochimaru should want him. If he was perfect, he should want him above the others. He therefore must not be perfect at all.  

These thoughts swirled faster and faster in his head until he thought he might explode. He didn't even realize that he had stopped at the doorway, or that his breathing had grown faster. For a minute, he rested a hand on the doorway, trying miserably to regain his composure. 

Orochimaru watched all of this through the corner of his eyes with a pleased expression on his face. "Kimimaro, it seems I have upset you. Is something the matter?"

Kimimaro found it difficult to speak. He didn't want to bother his master, but if he left without saying anything, he would not be able to live with himself. Calming himself as best as possible, and choosing his words carefully, he turned slightly to look at Orochimaru. "It's just...It's just...are you certain that there is nothing more I can do for you, Orochimaru-sama?" Summoning his courage, he looked Orochimaru directly in the eyes. "I am at your service. Will you not use me?" Amazed at his daring, his eyes quickly trailed to the floor and a light blush coloured his cheeks. 

Orochimaru was quiet for a minute, still looking curiously (but not innocently) at Kimimaro. When he spoke, it was softer and more seductive than Kimimaro had ever heard before. 

"You have given me everything I need from you. It is enough. " 

Kimimaro flinched at these words and his eyes reflected pain. He quickly turned around to leave, and was startled when a hand grabbed him around his waist and pulled him to the ground. Pulling Kimimaro close to his body, Orochimaru whispered into his ear. 

"But is there something you want Kimimaro? Something you need...from me..." His lips gently brushed the outline of the nin's ear, catching him by surprise and making him moan in pleasure. "Perhaps you have been asking the wrong question..."
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