des_butterfly (des_butterfly) wrote in orokimi,


I come bearing ficlet.  ^_^

Title:  Bloodwork
Author: des_butterfly
Genre:  drabble
Pairings:  Kabuto/Kimimaro and Orochimaru/Kimimaro
Rating: PG
Summary:  Kimimaro gets his weekly check-up from Kabuto.


The walls above him are white.


Kimimaro concentrates on spiraling into the whiteness while Kabuto carefully strokes the vein in his arm.  When the needle slides in, Kimimaro has to count cracks in the ceiling and he feels silly for doing so.


It’s strange how Orochimaru-sama could slice his skin a thousand times and not produce the same sinking feeling that Kabuto’s cold thin needle induces in him.  Kimimaro understands cuts and blood seeping from wounds like dark wine, and tasting of pain and metal.  The small, indifferent puncture each week into skin, and veins, and bone while Kabuto smiles and slowly taps his fingers on each blue web on his pale skin is something that is harder for Kimimaro to grasp.


When Kabuto is finished storing pieces of Kimimaro in vials and jars, he tells him that he is free to go, and Kimimaro swings his legs off the cold steel table and tries not to notice how the walls seem to close in on him.  The dizziness always fades eventually, and it is easy to shrug Kabuto’s heavy hand from his shoulder, push his body far enough away that Kimimaro doesn’t feel like he is drowning in closeness.


When Kimimaro stumbles to the door, followed by Kabuto’s calculating gaze, he reminds himself that this is for Orochimaru-sama and looks forward to his visit with his master later in the evening.


Because giving his body away wholly cannot possible hurt as much as giving it away piece by piece.  



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