The Val (akumuness) wrote in orokimi,
The Val

I bring fic.

dire_vixen pimped this place on her LJ, so I decided to join. :D 'Ello.

I wrote a short 'fic for this pairing. XD; I don't usually advertise my stuff, but since this pairing has so little love, I'm hoping that it'll be welcome.

Title: Constriction
Rating: Erm...PG-15, if that's possible.
Word Count: 660
Summary: Even if he is crushed slowly and swallowed whole, he wouldn't wish for anything else. This is what Kimimaro has always wanted.
Warnings: Slash (dur), implied sexual situations, and disturbing imagery.

( He knows that he'll be torn apart; he just doesn't see why he has to worry about it. )
Cut goes to my writing journal. ^^;
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