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FIC: Eternal Devotion (OroKimi), NC-17

After editing this obsessively and I'm still not sure I'm entirely pleased, but for my first time writing smut, I guess it's not so bad. ^^

Title: Eternal Devotion
Pairings: OroKimi
Warning: Not worksafe. NC-17. Smut scenes ahead.
Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fic, the characters of which belong to Masashi Kishimoto...because we all know if I owned them, the Naruto-verse would be in utter chaos. XP
Summary: [Oneshot] Kimimaro would do anything for Orochimaru in exchange for his matter what he wanted. Such is the measure of his eternal devotion. Yeah...not much plot ^^;

x-posted to narutoyaoi

A/N: Chi no Juin is the Cursed Seal of Earth, not to be confused with Sasuke’s Ten no Juin (Cursed Seal of Heaven). Also, Italics signify thoughts. Just to avoid confusion. ^^

"You wanted to see me Orochimaru-sama?"

Orochimaru slowly turned his head and regarded him with interest. "Kimimaro...the mission was a success I presume?"


A content expression spread across his face as he approached the skeletal-frame manipulator and caressed his shoulder. "You have done well, Kimimaro," he spoke, sliding his hand up the Kaguya’s neck to cup his face, "Such accomplishments should be rewarded, wouldn’t you say?"

Kimimaro closed his eyes, relishing the sensation upon his skin. He always took pleasure in doing Orochimaru’s bidding, for both his master’s satisfaction and moments like these: when Orochimaru would demonstrate his approval through small touches of affection.

Orochimaru smirked. Slowly he moved his thumb over Kimimaro’s cheek and bottom lip, which instantly parted from the top upon contact. His smirk widened. "Do you like it when I touch you this way, Kimimaro?"

His pale green eyes opened and stared into those of amber-gold. He was about to respond, but after a moment’s consideration, thought better of it. If Orochimaru were testing him, answering in the affirmative would be unwise...but if he said no he would be lying, and Kimimaro never lied. It was best to remain silent.

Orochimaru’s smirk did not fade. His fingers traced Kimimaro’s jaw line and came to rest underneath his chin. "Fair enough. You don’t have to answer," Orochimaru replied, and in a swift movement tipped Kimimaro’s head back as his long tongue slithered out of his mouth and slid from the base of his neck to the shell of his ear. Receiving a surprised gasp, Orochimaru’s tongue retreated and he leaned in close enough so his breath caused Kimimaro’s hair to flutter slightly. "I already know you do."

Kimimaro’s eyes widened and he was suddenly nervous. He had defied Orochimaru by refusing to respond to a question his master already knew the answer to. "Orochimaru-sama, forgive me, I—" he began, but was silence by the pressure of two cold lips pressed against his own. His eyes began to feel weighted and he let them close, proceeding to open his mouth allowing Orochimaru’s tongue to snake its way in. He was certain he would choke on the tongue from sheer length, but Orochimaru did not force in more than Kimimaro could handle.

Orochimaru’s tongue curled against and stroked the underside of Kimimaro’s own several times before he pulled back to observe his young subordinate. He seemed virtually unfazed omit the unsteady panting. Orochimaru was impressed...Kimimaro appeared to be calm—he had learned to build and maintain a façade quite well—but Orochimaru would always be someone his container could not fool—having taught Kimimaro everything he knew—and it was evident to him that Kimimaro was struggling to remain composed.

Orochimaru smoothed his hand over Kimimaro’s neck and his collarbone, letting his fingertips linger upon the Chi no Juin. Orochimaru slid his fingers lower; lightly grazing over his chest, ribcage, stomach, down to the lining of his pants and Kimimaro shuddered as the pale, gentle fingers threatened to creep lower still. "Orochimaru-sama..."

Orochimaru laughed softly, fingers now teasing the hem of the cloth that rested on Kimimaro’s hips. He raised his free hand to his container’s face and tilted it so that Kimimaro had no choice but to look him in the eyes. "Do you want me to fuck you Kimimaro?"

He hesitated a moment before replying. "If that is what you desire Orochimaru-sama."

"That is not what I asked," he answered, sliding his hand down Kimimaro’s thigh and back up again. Kimimaro’s breath hitched before he began panting again, but the pace at which he was breathing had increased. "So I’ll pose the question again, do you want me to?"

"I...I..." he stammered. Orochimaru’s touch was intimate torture and he didn’t want it to stop, but he hated being in such a vulnerable state...even if it was for his master.

Orochimaru surveyed Kimimaro as he fought with himself, but by the visible arousal, it seemed his hormones were winning. Though patient, Orochimaru decided it was time to end the battle. He dropped one hand from the young subordinate’s face to his waist, and with the other he stroked Kimimaro’s length once through the cloth of his pants.

Kimimaro closed his eyes, threw his head back and moaned. As if suddenly limp, his head fell forward, and he grabbed onto Orochimaru’s shoulders to steady his balance.

Orochimaru grinned broadly—he had achieved his goal. "Tell me you want it, Kimimaro."

"H-hai...Orochimaru-sama...I want it," he spoke between erratic breaths.

"Kukuku...I know you do," he repeated, pushing his lips against Kimimaro’s again.

Orochimaru guided Kimimaro backwards until his calves hit the edge of Orochimaru’s futon and their kiss broke as Kimimaro fell onto the mattress. Orochimaru remained where he stood, gazing down at image that rested before his eyes. Kimimaro’s legs were separated, one knee raised just above other; both of his arms were bent back, his hands positioned on either side of his head; his long, white hair splayed over the sheets and his lips were slightly parted…he was a figure of exceptional grace and beauty that held a horrifying ability. He was extraordinary.

Orochimaru knelt down on the futon and straddled Kimimaro’s hips, bringing a fair amount of contact between both erections. Kimimaro moaned once more and Orochimaru gave another short laugh before bowing forward and sucking Kimimaro’s neck.

Long white fingers effortlessly untied the lavender rope from his young subordinate’s waist and cast it to the floor. Attempting to do the same, Kimimaro slid his fingers up the rope searching for the knot. Upon finding it, he fumbled with the tie and was unable to remove it. The chills crawling up his spine and incessant tingling underneath his skin were very distracting, and Kimimaro discovered that he had lost his sense of mobility. Why is this so difficult? His face contorted in frustration and he concentrated all of his effort on the single bow. Useless. His heart skipped a beat at the thought. No. For Orochimaru-sama, that is something I must never be.

With one last forceful tug, the rope loosened and came free, coiling upon the cold stone floor. Kimimaro exhaled a breath and relaxed his muscles; ready to focus on a sensation he was no longer receiving. Opening eyes he had not remembered closing, he looked up at Orochimaru, who was watching him in amusement.

"It would seem I have found your weakness," Orochimaru observed, clearly entertained.

Feeling his face color in embarrassment Kimimaro began to turn his head away, but a single pale hand upon his cheek stopped him. “You have nothing to prove to me Kimimaro, I am well aware of your worth,” he continued, leaning forward to capture his container’s lips with more heat, more passion, more desire.


His hand gradually crawled down Kimimaro’s torso, fingers parting the cloth at the seam exposing his bare chest. Orochimaru shifted his weight and knelt over his subordinate in a rather possessive fashion. Forcefully, he grasped the cloth at Kimimaro’s shoulders; sliding the haori down to the young subordinate’s hips where he unfasten the button of his pants. Breaking the kiss, he slid both garments down Kimimaro’s legs, and quickly began removing his own clothing, exciting a whimper of anticipation from the young man beneath him. A devilish grin spread across Orochimaru’s face.

"Don’t be so hasty Kimimaro," Orochimaru purred, his pallid, elegant body kneeling in between the legs of the white-haired ninja. Placing both hands on Kimimaro’s thighs he extended his tongue and caressed the underside of his container’s erect length.

Kimimaro gasped and groaned in ecstasy. Fighting to catch his breath, he attempted to speak, "Oro-chimaru-s-sama..."

Orochimaru looked at him, his grin broadening. Not waiting for further comment he took Kimimaro’s member in his hand and began to rub the head tantalizingly slow. Kimimaro’s back arched and his hands fisted the sheets beneath him as he struggled against the pressure of Orochimaru’s free hand holding him down. Stumbling over his words Kimimaro managed to utter a single word, "...faster."

"Beg for it Kimimaro," Orochimaru whispered, getting off on the slave-like obedience to commands Kimimaro would always follow and never question.

"Oro-Orochimaru-sama...p-please...faster..." Kimimaro gasped; beads of sweat beginning to collect on his forehead and slide down his face as he stirred in pleasure beneath his master.

Orochimaru consented, eyes clouding over with lust as he watched his possession strain to remain still, succeeding only in tormenting himself further. Orochimaru knew he could not delay much longer, his own neglected length throbbing for attention, but so long as Kimimaro would play his game, it would continue.

When Kimimaro was close to his peak, Orochimaru stopped abruptly and moved away. Kimimaro whined in protest, overwhelmed with a frigid sense of loss. He tried to wait patiently for Orochimaru to return, but his weeping length pleaded to be noticed and as if moving on its own accord, his hand closed around himself.

"So impatient," Orochimaru spoke, pushing Kimimaro’s knees and spreading his legs wide. He caught Kimimaro’s hand and brought it to his mouth, sucking on his index and middle fingers as he positioned himself at the young man’s entrance. Releasing Kimimaro’s wrist, he smirked and placed his hands on either side of waist. "But you needn’t wait any longer," he whispered and proceeded to drive himself deep inside of his container.

Kimimaro cried out in pain. Involuntarily, tears began to form and follow the creases in the corners of his eyes, leaving trails of moist salt across his skin. He had underestimated how much it would hurt though he was thankful Orochimaru had taken the time to lubricate himself first. He had hoped for more preparation, but if this was how his master wanted it, Kimimaro would take it without complaint.

Orochimaru leaned over his subordinate and started to bite and lick Kimimaro’s damp chest. Reaching one hand out to hold the shoulder of the man beneath him for leverage, he slipped the other between them to pump Kimimaro’s length in sync with his repeated thrusts.

Kimimaro panted and moaned loudly, sliding his hands up Orochimaru’s spine and pulling his master closer against his own body. Orochimaru’s actions sped and Kimimaro pushed his fingernails into the back he clutched so desperately, leaving small curved notches on the ashen skin. Above him, Orochimaru sank his teeth into Kimimaro’s tight nipple.

"Harder Kimimaro," Orochimaru commanded in a husky voice thick with hunger and pleasure.

Kimimaro dug his fingernails deeper into the colorless skin, crescent moon shaped indents pooling with crimson. Orochimaru groaned, bucking faster and more forcefully against his subordinate. All thoughts of pain had been lost, replaced instead with unfathomable bliss that threatened to reach its climax. Kimimaro could not hold back any longer.

"Orochimaru-sama!" he yelled, spilling his seed over his own stomach.

With one last powerful plunge, Orochimaru came inside the seemingly lifeless and clearly breathless body beneath him. Using every remaining ounce of strength to avoid collapsing against his container, he eased himself out of Kimimaro and laid down beside him.

The pain began its swift return, but Kimimaro didn’t care. He committed himself to his master completely; with an unwavering loyalty he would devote until the day he died. In return, he would always receive Orochimaru’s praise and the knowledge that his master was content was all he would ever need. He lived to please Orochimaru and through his satisfaction, Kimimaro uncovered his own happiness. Orochimaru had seen something in him that others could not, he had accepted him, and Kimimaro was eternally grateful.

Composure recovered, Orochimaru propped himself up on his elbows and smirked at the still dazed container before him. "Shall we do that again, Kimimaro?"

"Anything for you, Orochimaru-sama."


Let me know what you thought! Constructive criticism welcomed and appreciated! ^_^
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